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The latest Flint Plus Flint product review to land on our desk was by self proclaimed beauty addict and blogger Hattie (MakeupbyBarbz). She tried our Glycolic Cleanser and our Lip Hero and 'suspects big things' for our brand, read on to find out more.....


Flint+Flint is an exciting new beauty brand, home grown right here in the UK. Skincare experts, Adam and Maxine, developed the brand after finding that none of the skincare products available on the market really did what they promised. They set out to make their own brand that really works, and developed entirely in the UK.

These are some of my favourite of their products, all available on their website.

The Everyday Wash £27

How nice is the packaging, as well?

Sometimes washing your face can seem like a bit of a chore, but with the right cleanser it can be my favourite part of the day. I love that feeling of clean scrubbed skin. This cleanser contains glycolic acid which I swear by for healing and renewing the skin. And unlike other glycolic cleansers I’ve used, this one actually smells nice! One of the other active ingredients in this cleanser is something called Vital ET which a form of vitamin E that has anti-erythemal (anti-redness) and anti-inflammatory properties. After using this cleanser I did notice my skin redness seemed reduced.

The Lip Hero £12

I am so excited about this product. Not only does this balm plump and volumise, it also improves the shape of your lips, making the outline clearer and is supposed to even have an anti-ageing effect. I didn’t know a product could do this! I will monitor it’s effects over the next few weeks and keep you posted about my lip condition. It has a gloss like feel to it going on to the lips and a rose scent. At £12 it’s a no brainer.

For my american readers, they do ship internationally (yay!). I suspect big things for this brand, so snap these products up while you can!

Thanks for the lovely review Hattie! If you'd like to try these products for yourself you can get our Glycolic Cleanser or pick up a Lip Hero through our online shop

We love feedback so if you've tried any of our products, let us know what you think by contacting us here or leave a message on Twitter or Facebook

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