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Beauty blogger Amy Jane Alice reviewed our ALL English Skincare range and loved it. Read all about it......
Skincare has become of my favourite things over the past few months. Whether it's buying new skincare, finding a new holy grail product or reading skincare posts - I love it.
My skincare routine has been the same for a while now, as after years of mixing things up and trying different products, I've finally found something that works. When Flint + Flint asked me if I'd like to try some of their skincare range, I was super excited and jumped at the chance. Flint + Flint are a new all English skincare company, who have unlocked the secret behind true skin health by creating a unique range of nine products to revolutionise anybody's skin care regime.
Over the years my skin has been quite temperamental; some days it's super dry, other times it appears dull and lifeless and occasionally it can be a little oily. The Moisturiser 3 x is a triple action nourishing moisturiser which is suitable for all skin types - perfect for me! As the weather in Manchester is getting colder, my skin is more dry than anything. The Moisturiser 3 x contains Hyaluronic acid which helps the moisture penetrate the deeper layers of skin. This should help to plump up the skin and restore water balance. I have definitely noticed a difference in the feel of my skin - it's softer and definitely a lot more nourished than before using this moisturser. It's super thick and is absorbed into the skin in minutes, so you can really feel it working.
Their Glycolic Cleanser has been such a great addition to my routine, ridding my skin of any dead skin cells and working with The Moisturiser 3 x to brighten my skin. It also contains a special ingredient, Bisabolol, which helps to prevent the effects of daily stress having an impact on your skin! My skin seems a lot more fresh and revitalised after using this cleanser, and though feels a little strange after application due to the acid doing it's magic, it has a lovely result and is so worth it.

Thanks to the fab traits I have inherited from my family, I do have quite puffy eyes and so am always on the hunt for a good eye cream. Enter Eye Hero from Flint Plus Flint. It applies so easily and sinks into the skin in seconds, leaving both under the eye and the lids feeling soft and supple. As EyeHero contains the active ingredientEyeseryl®, it is proven to reduce puffiness. I have been using it regularly and do feel that there is a difference from how my eyes looked before, so this is certainly something I'll be keeping close!

Primers are always something I struggle with, with my skin being quite fussy as to what type it is. The SPF 30 Primer has been such a treat to use: my makeup stays on longer, it's moisturising and also (as the name may suggest) it contains SPF and so offers protection against harmful UVA, UVB and UV rays.

It's always refreshing to find a line of products all from the same brand that actually work and are so simple to understand due to them being suitable for each skin type. Flint Plus Flint has been created by industry experts, and you can really tell that a lot of thought has been put into each and every product, from the packaging to the ingredients. Something else I love about Flint Plus Flint skincare is the smell! I know that may sound a little strange, and won't have a huge impact on whether or not you buy a product, but I think it's an added bonus that what you are applying to your face is nice and pleasant smelling.
If you have feedback on any of the Flint Plus Flint products please email us at or leave us a comment on Twitter or Facebook.  
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