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A Case Study of Sun Damaged Skin - Sun Beds and Holidays Ruined My Skin......


Hazel Curley, 27, a Retail Manager from Manchester, has always had a complicated relationship with her skin.


As a teenager she suffered from oily skin and acne and was a sun worshipper, using sun beds every day for three years.


She explains: “I’m quite fair skinned and have lots of freckles but have always loved a sun-kissed look. It makes you look healthier and more exotic. When I was a teenager I had no concept of the damage the sun can do to your skin. I used sun beds all the time, didn’t use moisturisers with SPFs and loved sun bathing.”


After a recent exotic holiday Hazel really began to notice her skin was suffering. She decided to do something about it and contacted Skin Health Spa, a national chain of specialist skin clinics, where she was advised to use a selection of Flint + Flint products every day. 


Hazel continues: “Over the years I’ve bought loads of different products, some to stop my acne and others to help the sun damage my skin has endured. None of them have worked, I’ve just been pouring my money down the drain. I stumbled across Skin Health Spa online and went in for a consultation.”


Hazel booked a forty five minute consultation with Lucy Pozman at Skin Health Spa.


Lucy said: “Hazel came into our clinic with very parched skin. The surface layers had become thicker and more hardened, this is a natural defence for skin when scorched by heat. A drier surface makes it more difficult for creams or serums to penetrate the top layer of your skin.


“I recommended our Glycolic Cleanser to exfoliate the harder surface layer of her skin, to reveal younger skin underneath, which will more readily absorb the serum. I also gave her our vitamin-c Serum to use. This is a power-house for tackling pigmentation. The Serum is stabilised with glucose which protects the active ingredients in the formula and aids delivery through the skin surface. The skin has a natural enzyme which breaks down vitamin-c glucose linkage, resulting in the controlled, sustained release of this active ingredient. I also advised Hazel to use our SPF 30 Primer. This protects the newly revealed skin and limits further damage and protects against UVA, UVB and IR radiation. Hazel used all three products for two weeks and noticed a dramatic difference straight away.”


She said: “After just two weeks my skin had totally improved. The surface of my skin had improved, it was so much softer and more velvety. I felt like it had really been repaired. Lucy at Skin Health Spa told me to use the Flint Plus Flint Glycolic Cleanser for just a few weeks as it sweeps away a layer of your skin. I’ve carried on using the SPF 30 Primer and Serum everyday underneath my makeup and have topped up with the Moisturiser 3x at night.


“I now feel like I have new skin and am so much more confident at work and happier at home. The state of your skin really does affect your self esteem, as it’s the first thing people know when they meet you.


“Flint +Flint products are different from anything I’ve tried before. They’re fast acting, easy to use and have active high quality ingredients. The prices are great because I would never have been able to afford these treatments in a spa. Using them at home is so much easier anyway.”


The results speak for themselves.

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