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We recently teamed up with the lovely team at Little Known Box, a new monthly beauty box subscription service and their early followers were lucky enough to receive a full sized Flint + Flint Moisturiser 3x in their first box last week.


Amongst other great new brands like ThumbsUp designer nail wraps and The Vintage Cosmetics Company we had great company and the first box is getting a great response. 

Little Know Box couldn't wait to share their newly discovered Moisturiser with their fans, 'We’re excited to introduce you to Flint+Flint, a professional skincare brand that’s made, printed and packaged in England. As you know, we’re really passionate about discovering and introducing you to upcoming, emerging and independent brands, and we think Flint+Flint is one of the best we’ve found yet!'. Read more about their thoughts on Moisturiser 3x here

The first reviews are coming in already and you can read Melberryy's at a glance comments here.  

Try our Moisturiser 3x for yourself here


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